Fred (Fritz) Tressl was an uncle of my wife Jan. He left this world some years back, but his memory and his art lives on. Many examples of his painting remain on exhibit throughout Montana, Washington, California  and beyond. My wife and I have several of his paintings displayed as a grouping as well an another area that shows a mural that moves around three walls.

Fritz was an artist but his occupation was as a sign painter. He also had a thriving business designing and silkscreening waterslide decals for automoble windows up until perhaps as late as 1960 when that went out of favor with the public. His screened car license plate images still show up on eBay from  time to time. Those probably weren't made beyond the mid 50s since Montana auto plates went from single to two plates about that time. It should be noted that all of the screen work was hand cut as opposed to being done with computer fonts and photo imaged films for the screens.

The CONOCO image below is from a map, but Fritz painted it on a brick wall adjacent to a CONOCO station. I was perhaps 35 feet in height and about 70 feet wide. Conoco executives commented that no local sign man would be able to do the job, but when it was done they were blown away with the quality that was shown. Corresponndence I had with Carla O'Neill site director for the Conoco Museum stated "A humorous note: when the agency pitched their design, the CONOCO on the branding iron was spelled out left-to-right. The Conoco executives from OK andTX had to explain to them, that if it indeed is a branding iron, the letters have to be backwards in order to brand the right way."

There is no way to forget Fritz for any member of the family because he has left an imprint. He is a reminder of what is possible as an individual and as an artist. Here are just a few of his works for you to view. I expect to add additional works showing his painting as well as cartoons that were drawn in a weekly format.

Fritz left me information on the processes for his decals that he made for over thirty-five years. It now appears all that was lost in a move from one house to another. That is sad.

So Long poster for window display

She's Wild poster for window display

Small waterslide car window decal

Small waterslide car window decal

Car license plate examples

A small carrying tray image

The CONOCO image that was painted seventy feet wide