decals S-W

decal dimensions are shown as the original decal, but may be sized for your requirements.

Sunset De Luxe Gasoline 11" x 13"

Sunset Ethyl Gasoline 13.5" x 15"

Texaco Motor Oil & Ethyl 12"

Texaco Super Power Chief 12"

Texaco Universal Gear Lubricant 9" x 6"

Three Star Gas 12"

Tidex Motor Oil


Tidewater Arotane Gasoline 12"

Tydol Gasoline 12"

Tydol Flying A Gasoline 12"

Flying A Ethyl Gasoline 12"

Flying A gold Gasoline

Flying A Service

Union Gasoline 12"

Union Minute Man Gasolene12"

Union Minute Man Service

Univerzoil Flange Sign 16"

Veedol Motor Oil

The New Veedol

Veedol Wings

Veedol A

Veltex Products

Veltex Gasoline 10" x 12.75"

Veltex Motor Oil 9"

Veltex Ethyl Gasoline 12"

White Eagle Gasoline 12"

   Tydol Ethyl w/ Plane - rare

                  9", 12"

Veltex Round 12"