gasoline decals  A-C

decal dimensions are shown as used in the original decals, but may be sized to match your requirements.

Ace High Gas and Oil Square 12"

Ace High Clock Face sized for your clock

Ace High gas-oil 13.5"

Associated  Aero-Type Gasoline

Autolite Spark Plugs

Beacon Motor Oil 12"

Beacon Ethyl Gasoline lighthouse 10.5" x 18"                    

Beacon Ethyl Gasoline  12"

Beacon Motor Oil 9"

Bearcat Ethyl Motor Fuel    12"

Beeline Hi-Octane Regular Gas 13.5"

Beeline Gasoline  13.5"

Power California Gasoline 12"

Use Champlin Oils  9" & 12"

Champlin Presto Gasoline 12"

Chevron Gasoline 12"

Chief Idaho Gasoline 12"

Chief Montana Gasoline 12"

Chief Oregon Gasoline 12"

Chief Washington Gasoline 12"

Cities Service Oils 9"-12"

Clipper Ethyl Gasoline  10.25"

Cody Country

Cody Ethyl Gasoline 12"

Conoco Gasoline 13"

Conoco Demand Gasoline 12"

Cosden Para Fine Motor Oil 9"

Cosden Traffic Cop 14"

Cosden Higher Octane Gas 12"

Crescent Gasoline 12"

Beeline Hi Octane 12" x 16"

Associated Air And Water 9" x 6.5"

Associated White Gold  12"

            A Rare One