Gas pump decals, I.D. Tags, Name Plates, Gallon Markers, Clock Face Decals, Fantasy Decals, Electric Computer Faces, Requirements for that Special Pump, Pump Color Matched Decals and gasoline decals in vinyl.

These  high quality vinyl decals are works of art for your gasoline and oil creations as well as garage art in canvas or photo papers . They have much of the appearance of old water slide decals of the past. Although the decals are primarily for indoor use, you will find they will withstand a lot of outside weather before they begin to age. For best results use a quality UV automotive top coat. Many of the images are also available on archival fine art paper or  canvas with archival inks that will make a great addition to your garage or any other part of your home.

Note that the dimensions listed are as originally sized. Custom sizing is available for your particular usage on request.

A b o u t  T h e  D e c a l s

Gas pump face decals, ID tags, named plates, gallon markers, clock face decals, fantasy decals, electric computer face decals, configurations to fit that special pump, camera ready art for production, pump color matched decals and photo restorations are some of the things I do for people like you.

Note: The decal colors represented here are within the limitations of an Amiga, Linus, Macintosh, Windows, I OS, Android or any other OS and the screen on which it is viewed.

Gas Pump Decals for Restorations